The PiXXL Monster LED Gaming Cube…

When it comes to spectacular forms of illumination LED Cubes lead the way, but they are dime a dozen in today’s high tech world. Hungarian tech start-up PirateGames have recently been show-casing their take on the LED cube, the PiXXL, and it has a twist that may just re-invigorate the way we look at these brightly lit six sided cubes, its interactive.

As its name might suggest each of the giant cubes six sides are covered in a 32×32 grid of RGB LED pixels but buried underneath its skin is a Raspberry Pi with a full array of motion sensors that gives the PiXXL the ability to sense movement aloowing it to interact with its owner.

The current model being demonstrated to the world is sadly a development model only and isn’t available for sale yet but it does serve as a great platform to demonstrate the first cube game, PiXXL Maze. In PiXXL Maze the player moves a dot shaped piece through a maze by moving the cube. The many sensors allow the Pixxl to know the angle of each side and deduce a gravity effect. So that as you change the angle of the cube the dot slides down the face, your task is to move the dot through the various faces of the cube to the exit of the maze.

PirateGames are currently working on more games and an upgraded 64×64 grid LED surface. Moving forward the cubes won’t just be for games but will eventually also be capable of displaying images over its multiple sides. Undoubtedly this will eventually also include displaying social media updates.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the PiXXL LED Cube in action, wowing visitors and amazing those attracted by bright lights. Sit back, relax and prepare for the invasion of the gaming cubes.

Reference: PirateGames
Source: TechSpot