The Pebble Smart Watch Prepares to Ship…

Inspector Gadget watch out the Pebble smart watch is finally here. Pebble set Kickstarter on fire when it launched, raising $10,000,000 in record time. The first batch of Pebble smart watches are now being prepared to ship on January 23. The extra demands of the unexpected popularity have slowed the production process apparently.

The Pebble watch is no ordinary wrist bound chronographer, this is the smartphone of the watch world. With its own operating system and downloadable applications this is the first Über watch that ticks all of the boxes. With the perfect low power e-paper display (e-Ink), ARM processor and Bluetooth the Pebble is a true smart watch.

Think of Pebble as a second screen for your Smartphone, once the Bluetooth connection is established your assistant’s talents are only limited by which applications you choose to install.


The various notifications, vibrations, audio alerts and message displays, can be set to respond to incoming calls or display Email. Any application can in fact be customized to generate a response from the Pebble; Calendar Alerts, Facebook, Twitter or the Weather can interact live with the Pebble. Android users can even receive Text Messages (SMS) on their Pebble. Unfortunately the iPhone does not expose this data and cannot. Notifications can easily be dismissed with a quick shake of your wrist, making use of the accelerometer.

Pebble Smartwatch
Pebble Smartwatch

Allowing the interaction between Pebble and your smart-phone to operate in both directions gives Pebble remote control your phone, extending functionality; media playback control moves to Pebble’s buttons while the accelerometer interprets gestures.

While everyone else was taking about how to make the perfect watch Pebble have just gone and done it. Combining the convenience of a wrist watch with the functionality of a tablet or smartphone has created the assistant for the smartphone generation, and one cool watch.

The next challenge for Pebble is developing a number of styles that match different personalities. Pebble has kick started a whole new revolution, the revolution of the SmartWatch has begun.

Reference: Pebble homepage

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