The Next Generation Electric Pet. I-SODOG from Tomy, I-SO Cute…

Takara Tomy, makers of all things remote controlled, toys that not only children dream of, have previewed the next generation robotic pet. Unveiled at the Tokyo International Toy Show the Omnibot I-SODOG is a mini high-tech bundle of cute.

The second robot from Tomy, a follow up to their bi-pedal i-SOBOT, I-SODOG the Tomy dog can dance to music, shake hands, learn new commands and even chase the cat while being remote controlled.

Set for release in time for Christmas Tomy’s I-SODOG is the next generation of electronic pet. Far more than a remote control dog, with his own evolving personality and artificial intelligence he is as smart as he is cute.

Shake hands I-SO

Underneath I-SO’s storm-trooper white exterior are the next generation robotic electronics that make I-SO much more than a remote controlled quadruped. Touch sensors along his back and the top of his head sense pats and strokes, making him happy. 15 mini servo motors keep I-SO dancing around and exploring his environment. A built-in microphone listens for the 50 built in voice commands, with training capable of expanding his vocabulary. His robotic LED eyes even light up when you interact with him.

Tomy have also included electromagnetic sensors in his nose, like a shark, able to sense the environment it is also used when to Tomy dogs get together, as a way of communicating and sharing data.

Mobile phone integration includes direct remote control as well as Tamagotchi virtual pet mode that allows you to train your virtual I-SODOG during the day and upload the results when you’re home with Tomy Dog. Feeding you pet is also done virtually, cleaning up the process on the way in and out.

Tomy dog is part Doberman as well, set him down on an object then instruct him to guard and he will growl at anyone that tries to move the object.

iPhone app control.

“For the first time, we’ve given this robot what people would call a sixth sense, the ability to communicate through static electricity, which dogs and cats are said to be able to do, as well as sharks. So for example, if one of these robots communicates to another that it’s hungry, the other robot can say, “OK, let’s eat together.” As soon as a person touches the two robots, they can communicate and exchange information.”

“We’ve already finished developing i-SODOG, so we hope to release it early next year. We’re aiming for its price to be 31,500 yen (~US$400), including tax.”

Set to be released at the end of 2012, just in time for the Christmas shopping season I-SODOG is the next generation electric pet. With a far more affordable price tag than previous generation electronic pets, Aibo was over $2000 remember, I-SODOG is the electric dog for everyone. The only question remaining is do electronic dogs dream?

Reference: Gigazine