The Native Union Play: Video Messaging Comment Bubble…

Video is invading all corners of our world, YouTube has brought the short clip to the masses. Now Native Union has made video personal again, demonstrating their Play personal video messaging system. The comment bubble shaped device houses a 2.4″ LCD and a video camera. At the press of a button it can record a message to be played back by the next person to pass the fridge at home or at the office.

Messages are recorded with the built-in video camera, microphone and with enough memory for up to 3 minutes of video the Play is simplicity itself. Keep recording messages until the Play is full, clear it out and start again. Make a whole series of annoying one word messages that need to be played one after the other to hear the full message. Even the shape of the Play is simplicity, a comment bubble to contain your messages. Native Union has even included a flashing LED to indicate a new message. The magnetized back makes a Fridge the natural home for the Play but many other places will learn to make the Play at home, in the office a quick note on how to turn on the video projector sits on the wall or record the ten most common answers in your job and leave Play to cover for you. Now if they can build in a label maker they may well take over the world

Messages that are recorded can be viewed by anyone passing – especially with the curios induced by the flashing LED – so public broadcasting only, still that may not stop the personally dedicated messages from appearing on the Play. The open nature of the Play may well induce some soap box speeches as well but when it’s viewed through the cute comment bubble screen who could hold a grudge. It may actually be the ultimate passive aggressive communication system by delivering messages in the nicest possible way, while your out of the room.

NU are a creative company, The Play is one of their many communication’s gadgets. Native Union are the designers of the new Retro handset for your mobile phone, the Pop. Used by celebrities is another simple well executed idea. They’re sensible to, leave your phone in your pocket, the Pop is drop and weather resistant so no more disasters. NU also have a great range of docking stations that make use of Bluetooth to allow the phone to still be a phone, even when docked and playing music. Keep an eye on NU, they are working on little communications revolutions, one gadget at a time. Check out their site for the full rnge of amazing accessories.

In this fast paced 24 hour world of today, any gadget that can help get the message across has to be good. Play is such a device. Here at Highpants we’ve left a gorilla mask next to the Play, for anonymities sake, but you may want to simply use your own face for the personal touch. The Play will be released in September for $80 USD through Amazon or the Native Union website.

Play Spec’s

  • 3 minutes record time on 256Mb of memory
  • 2.4″ LCD screen
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Speaker,
  • Magnetised backing included magnetic wall tape pad, and
  • LED message indicator
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • 40 day standby time and 3 hours play/record time
  • Hand strap
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