The Motorola X Phone, the Indestructible Phone…

News often comes from most unusual sources, this week buried deep within Google’s earning s report was a surprising nugget of information regarding Motorola’s highly anticipated Smartphone, the X Phone.

According to the Google’s document Motorola is set to announce the X Phone at this year’s Google I/O conference on May 5, on July 8 the phone will be available through Google Play for $300. Alternatively it will be available from most carriers for $300 on a contract.

Larry Page even spelled out where he sees phone improvements coming from in the future; durability, battery life and design. Motorola has already set the standard for tough phones; following on from the almost indestructible Droid Razr HD will be a hard task.


While the phones specifications are still a mystery the rumour mill has been more than willing to fill in the gaps. The more reliable sources suggest the X Phone will shine brightly with a 5 inch nearly bezel free display, 3G or 4G chipset depending on carrier (Verizon will carry the 4G LTE model) and Android 5.0 Key Lime Cake.

Motorola’s has recently taken the Nexus philosophy to its RAZR phones, the interface is clean and fast, letting Android do the work. The X Phone will continue the tradition of being more Nexus than the Nexus.

X Phone concept.

The internals of the X Phone hold the greatest mystery; even the rumour mill goes quiet when asked. Here at Highpants we expect Motorola to make the X Phone faster than the RAZR HD at least. This would suggest a fast quad core CPU with 2GB of RAM along with a fast graphics processor. This is still the most powerful and power efficient combination. The new 8 core processors may be an option if they can keep the power use as low as manufacturers claim.

The X Phone will be a high exposure product for Motorola, available through most carriers around the world as well as the online Google Play store.  When purchased through Google Play the X Phone will be full unlocked allowing customization down to the bootloader and ROM level. Verizon will unlock phones for an extra fee of $ 15 a month if you choose to go with a contract.

After the first 180 days of owning Motorola the whip is cracking, little Motorola engineers scurry about excitedly, a challenge has been set. Can Motorola pull a rabbit out of its hat? Can they return to the days of the original RAZR flip phone? Fingers crossed the most highly anticipated new phone of the year will deliver with indestructible good looks.

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