The Most Hilarious Form of Self Torture Ever, Speech Jammer Storytime…

Speech Jammers have taken the internet by storm over recent months. The Jammer itself is a simple gadget that till now really had no purpose, other than to shut people up. Then everyone realized the hilarious potential of these humble headphones. The sheer delight of watching a person try to speak coherently while their brain is doing back-flips.

You could say Speech Jammers are a kind of demented noise cancellation circuit that has been modified to playback the wearer’s voice with a slight delay (175 milliseconds). The effect of the headphones isolating you from your own voice and add to that playing back with a delay causes and massive confusion reigns in the speech centers of your brain. Causing a kind of stumbling mumbling speech that gets funnier as the speaker tries to speak faster.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the funnier examples of the hilarious effects of trying to read a book out loud while wearing speech jammer headphones. Effects that actually seem to blend with the Dr Zeus story surprisingly well. So sit back relax and be sure to have your laughing pants on this one’s a rib tickler.

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