The Mesmerising Dichroic Infinity Cube Illusion…

Optical illusions are candy for curious minds and artist Sean Augustine March has crafted a full candy store of illusions. His latest piece of brain candy is the mind-bending lamp Fresnel Major. One of the slickest examples of Infinity Cube available it seems to bend the very properties of physics to create an infinity of space within a handy little glass box.

At their very core every infinity mirror is based on the power of pointing a mirror at another mirror, bouncing light between the two. Adding Dichroic glass to the equation adds an interesting twist that changes the colour of the light as it bounces between the reflective surfaces.

Thankfully Sean’s works aren’t just art installations that one lucky museum gets to display; they are up for sale on his site. The 10” Fresnel Major lamp isn’t cheap at $3,000 USD but it is so damn clever and hypnotic that we still want one even at that price. Also available on the site are a smaller cube lamp, Fresnel Minor, the Rayleigh Desk Lamp and Antimony a wall mounted artistic piece that uses ambient light to great effect.

For the DIY inclined amongst us there are many tutorials on constructing your own Infinity Mirror using Dichroic glass if you are interested in building your own box full of illusions. While the Infinity Cubes may look high-tech their construction is simple. One of the better YouTube channels full of information and instruction is the Dichroic Glassman who walks you through the process and theory behind these illusions.

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