The Logitech Windows 8 Gesture Update, One Finger or Two…

The Windows 8 gesture revolution is only weeks away from invading the desktop. Logitech has this week joined the Windows 8 build up party by releasing three brand new input devices designed specifically for Windows 8 and its new gesture based interface.

The three devices given the Windows 8 treatment include the $79.99 T650 Touchpad, the $69.99 T620 Touch mouse and the $59.99 T400 Zone Touch mouse. All three devices offer varying amounts of gesture control for varying amounts of your money.

Logitech have a well established history of design style, producing devices that have even been known to make Apple owners green with envy, it is a well deserved reputation. This tradition in design is carried over to the new Windows devices, the sharp industrial design of the Touchpad and the smooth futuristic design of the T620 Touch Mouse will guarantee they look good in front of any Windows 8 machine.

Logitech Glass, Rechargeable Touchpad T650, $79.99
Logitech’s updated Touchpad has replaced the cold hard plastic of the original with a smooth fingerprint resistant glass on a gun metal grey body, almost military in design. The entire top surface of the T650 is available for use, with over 50% more touch area than a typical notebook touchpad there is plenty of real estate. So much space that various zones can be defined using Logitech’s SetPoint software to allow quick menu and Start screen access.

Also introduced with the upgraded model is support for the full suite of 13 Windows 8 gestures as well as the ability to add custom gestures. The standard Windows 8 gestures include touching a single finger onto the surface to activate the pointer, two fingers on the surface to activate swiping while three finger swipes return you to the start menu. Edge swipes can be used to access charms or running apps.

Features include: precision sensors, fingerprint resistance, USB rechargeable battery with a month between charges. A battery indicator and an on/off switch are also included, allowing us to stretch battery life even further.

All three new input devices lack Bluetooth, instead relying on Logitech’s 2.4Ghz Unifying receiver that can control up to 6 devices.

Logitech Touch Mouse T620, $69.99
The Touch Mouse has been available for almost 12 months as a Windows 7 variant (T600), it never really made that much sense with Windows 7’s point and click interpretation of touch control, the mouse would control the pointer while the surface would also control the pointer. With the Windows 8 upgrade complete, gestures in place, the Touch Mouse now makes a world of sense. Now the mouse controls the pointer while the surface allows system level control, switching applications, Start screen, menus etc. With the entire top surface of the mouse coated in touch sensitive material the T620 is a Windows 8 controlling touchpad on wheels (think old school ball mouse).

Just as with the T650 the surface of the T620 is multi touch and gesture enabled. Six gestures are supported by the T620’s surface, though it is also fully customizable. Gestures include: scrolling, application switching and one finger double tap to return to the Start screen, two finger double tap to switch to desktop view.

One AA battery or two can be used to power the touchy rodent, two batteries providing 6 months of run time for the mouse.

Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400, $49.99
A hybrid device that would just as happy connected to either a Windows 7 or 8 machine. The T400 combines the traditional 3 mouse button arrangement (left, right and center) with the addition of a small Touch Zone, a small pad of touch sensitive surface built in to the middle of the front finger friendly section of the mouse. The Touch Zone provides limited gesture options with horizontal and vertical scroll functions along with quick access to the Start Screen, Desktop and application switching.

This will be one mouse that never gets away, Logitech have created a new rubber grip surface around the lower outer edges of the mouse, ensuring even a two finger grip has a tight hold. The T400 is one frugal rodent, powered by a pair of AA batteries Logitech claim a battery life of 18 months.

Logitech’s updated Windows 8 devices are expected to go on sale sometime before the Windows 8 release on October 26.

The gesture revolution approaches on the desktop, possibly the biggest change at Microsoft since Windows 95 according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. With such major changes on the way for Windows it is incredibly important that all of the required peripherals are updated and in place, Logitech seem to be doing their part. Making the Windows 8 option a very attractive one, and stylish to boot.

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