The Logitech Touch Mouse M600, The Finger Friendly Rodent…

Logitech, masters of mice and input magic have had a Frankenstein moment. Mad scientists working in Logitech’s labs have combined the touch surface of a laptop with the function – proportions and shape – of a traditional mouse. After building their new Mousenstein they applied charge and were heard to say ‘It is Alive!!’

Thankfully this experiment didn’t give rise to a hideous monster, instead Logitech’s new Touch Mouse M600 is a gleaming example of modern gadgetry. With its entire top surface coated in the shiniest of black touch surfaces the wireless M600 brings another evolutionary step to the humble rodent.

The left and right mouse clicks are the simplest tap gesture, Logitech’s software allows easy assignment of the left and right button click area, making the M600 especially left handed friendly. Scrolling and swiping gestures bring the touch surface to life. A slow swipe is perfect for reading online, while a quick flick gets you to the bottom of the page fast. Comfortable in either hand the M600 also allows gestures to be executed from anywhere on the surface, no longer do we need to alter our grip to work with the rodent.

The touch surface that drives the gestures integrates technologies developed through years of building input devices and surfaces. Flow Scroll smooths out all scroll gestures to produce a smooth flowing scroll even with the most jittery fingers. Logitech’s SetPoint software lets everyone customize the surface to your heart’s content. Setting the left and right click areas makes this one left handed friendly rodent.

Along with Logitech’s well established wireless 2.4ghz technology the M600 also includes the clever multi device USB receiver that allows up to 6 devices to operate through a single USB plug. The M600 is built around Logitech’s Advanced Optical Technology that gives their devices high resolution optics and a smooth action. Introduced with the M600 is the ability to run off a single battery, making the mouse much lighter, doubling the juice and using 2 batteries will give you 6 months between battery changes instead of the single batteries 3 month of operation.

The evolution of humble rodent rolls on, with the latest finger friendly touch technology integrated into its surface Logitech have created ultimate modern interpretation of a classic input device, and it works. With the entire top surface dressed in black with grey highlights the M600 manages to bring the best of both worlds together, the flexibility of a touch pad along with the comfort and familiarity of a mouse while still looking sharp. The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 is available immediately in Europe and America for $70 USD. Do your fingers a favour and check out the M600.

Source: Logitech M600