The Jaguar 2013 F-Type, The Return To Two Seater Sports Car Heaven…

Something is missing from Jaguar. As a company whose name has been built on sports car performance and luxury interiors it may seem unusual that they haven’t had a true 2 seater sports car in it’s line-up since the X-Type and E-Types, some 50 years ago. Jaguar is about to change this sad fact in the most astounding way, let me introduce you to the Jaguar F-Type, two seater super sports car.

Recently at the Beijing Motor Show (2012) Jaguar released more tasty morsels of information in the build up to the 2013 launch of the new F-Type. Jaguar is drip feeding the rumour mill with morsels of information, pictures and video of their new curvaceous dream machine.

Early photo’s of the prototypes were released by Jaguar in 2011, shortly after confirmed the project would go into production. While the photo’s did wet the publics appetite, generating a substantial buzz, the cars were only partially naked, with the curves of the front and rear covered in pattered paint jobs to mask their true lines.

Camouflage F-Type

Jaguar built its reputation as a sports car manufacturer with the legendary E-Type and XK120. With such rich heritage it may be surprising that the F-Type is Jaguars first 2 seater sports car in 50 years.

Based on the C-X16 concept car first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and officially made public at the New York Motor Show (April 4, 2012) the F-Type has become a publicity machine. With perfect proportions, beautiful lines coupled with drive focused handling / agility the F-Type signals Jaguars return to sports car purity.

Light weight all aluminium construction coupled with impressive power to weight ratios have been engineered into the F-Type, ensuring fast and nimble performance, the foundations of any great sports car.

A new line-up of engines will be released with the new F-Type, providing a distinctive engine roar in response to every squeeze of the throttle.

V8 Engine

The new engine range introduces a completely reworked family of power-trains. 3 models have so far been announced. The smallest capacity engine being the 335bhp supercharged 3 litre V6. With an amazing roar provided by the supercharger and lightweight construction this engine may be the secret to insane handling. Next is the 375bhp supercharged 3 litre V8 with 339lb of torque. The big block of the family is the naturally aspirated 500bhp+ 5 litre V8.

The V6’s is a new design derived from it’s V8 bigger brothers. All engines feature all aluminium construction, quad cams with variable timing, direct injection and counter weight balancing to keep the engine running silky smooth. The two smaller capacity engines also include a Roots type dual vortex supercharge that fits very neatly into the V of the engines, forcing air in and an amazing sounds out, providing a distinctive sound to the engine as it is revved hard.

The new 8-speed semi auto gearbox is being mated to the engines, with rumours surround the gearbox and Jaguars preparations to go hybrid petrol/electric using the 8-speed. The F-Series is technically Hybrid ready, apparently.

Jaguar is still to announce the exact pricing and release date of the new F-Type. The soft top Roadster is expected to be launched first with a hard top in the following year. Prices for the hard top are rumoured to start at £55,000.

With new videos and renderings along with the latest information from Jaguar confirming the engines and transmission, the F-Type is shaping up to a modern day heart breaker.