The IT Crowd Returns for One More Show, One Last Byte…

When the world seems to be throwing you a frown or if it’s been a long day and you’re in need of a laugh the IT Crowd has always delivered us from less hilarious aspects of life.

Now after 4 seasons of hilarity Roy, Moss and Jen return to the small screen for The Last Byte, the final episode of The IT Crowd.  Everyone’s favorite view of the IT world from the inside says goodbye and farewell.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the final episode of one of Highpants’ favorite funny show. Be sure to stock up on popcorn and get comfortable for there will be no leaving your seat once the play button has been hit; there are no slow moments in this finale.


It’s always sad when a beloved TV show leaves the airways, as we let them into our living rooms each week the characters become part of our lives. Now we must say goodbye and be content with re-runs, until the next best show comes along.