The Incredible Disappearing Mercedes B-Class F-Cell, The Invisible Mercedes Benz…

Mercedes-Benz is once again promoting the next generation power source, the Fuel Cell or as Mercedes has branded it, F-Cell. In the process they have created the coolest B-Class Mercedes-Benz ever, a car traditionally known as a family wagon is now the centre of a video that has captured everyone’s attention. The Invisible Mercedes-Benz.

Utilising thousands of LED’s the camouflaged B-Class was driven around the streets turning heads as it went. While the technique of invisibility is straightforward implementing it was no easy feat. Requiring thousands of LED’s and a Canon EOS 5D Mark II D/SLR on the far side of the car to generate the illusion. The image from the camera being portrayed by the LED’s on the car, giving the appearance of invisibility. Like a modern form of magic using a slight of hand and mirrors, in a digital sense, Mercedes has created a visually stunning promotional tool for their F-Cell.

The publicity machine at Mercedes-Benz is certainly churning away. The end of 2011 saw a team drive a fleet of B-Class F Cell Merc’s around the world. Many journalists were given a hands on preview, most having only good things to say about the handling and power. Mercedes-Benz is especially keen to emphasise the zero impact nature of hydrogen and fuel cells, along with the perky performance and range.

Mercedes has been tinkering with fuel cells and hydrogen for decades. Previously in 2002 they introduced the F- Cell technology in the A-Class model. It had a range of 160 kilometres with a speed of 132 km per hour. This time the F-Cell technology will be implemented in the Mercedes B-Class models.

Not every Mercedes-Benz is an attractive car has it gotten so bad that Mercedes-Benz has had to invent the invisible car to hide the latest model. Expect to see – or not see – the invisible B-Class doing the rounds of car shows over the next year.