The Illuminating Logitech K830, the latest living-room ready keyboard…

Building the ultimate home theatre PC to drive that brand new 4K TV is only the first step in a journey into tech nirvana. Actually using the setup is the important bit, the nirvana bit.

This however is reliant on the keyboard and mouse, and the living room is no place for an ordinary keyboard or mouse. The latest specially designed living room ready keyboard from Logitech is the Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-room Keyboard, the ultimate home theatre PC companion.

Designed for life in the living-room the K830 includes the essential home theatre PC features; long distance wireless (33 feet), backlit keys and a touch-pad that allows the K830 to go solo.

Backlit chiclet keys allow the K830 to operate in all lighting conditions, with the ambient light sensor dimming the back lighting when it’s not needed. The lighting also dims after 5 seconds of inactivity to save power.

The juice is provided by an integrated rechargeable battery, knowing Logitech once it dies you’ll be throwing out the keyboard. The battery is good for 10 days of heavy use between charges though.

The keyboard should be available this month in the US and Europe, retailing for $99.99 USD. Logitech have always done media ready keyboards really well, with some spectacular models like the Highpants favourite diNovo wireless. With all of the essential features in a slick package, and great value, the K830 gives Logitech game in the living room, once again.

Reference: Logitech