The Home Made Helicopter, Is There Anything More Dangerous?…

Of all the DIY home projects to undertake there are few more dangerous than the home-made helicopter. With whirring blades of death and an inherently unstable design this is surely a project for the risk takers amongst us. While it may be considered unbelievably dangerous there have been two amazing examples released in recent months.

This is definitely one of those do not try this at home moments, only trained professionals and mad men should embark on projects of this insanity.

The World’s First Manned Flight of an Electric Multicopter
It may resemble the final stages of an evil contraption with its 16 spinning chopping blades within arms reach, especially handy if some chopped sausage is required for pilot snacks, the multicopter though turns out to be a stable flying platform of ingenious design.

October 21st, 2011, a clear and calm day on an airstrip in southern Germany presents the perfect conditions to test the device, the Volocopter VC1. Thomas Senkel and his team from e-volo would take this opportunity to launch the Volocopter on its first free flight, making this the first manned flight with an electric multicopter.

As the video can attest to the flight was a complete success, lasting 90 seconds the builder and test pilot Thomas stated: “The flight characteristics are good-natured. Without any steering input it would just hover there on the spot”.

The Russian Home Made Helicopter
Taking danger to entirely new heights this small team of Ukrainian (Chemasky) shed owners thought they would shoot for the sky when deciding on their next project. Men in a shed will always have at least one project on the go at any one time.

While the 28bhp snowmobile engine may seem tiny the helicopter weighs next to nothing, in theory allowing this home-made helicopter to achieve flight.

As two elderly gentleman tinker with the contraption your mind may question how serious these helicopter constructors are, keep watching till the end. The pilot so confident in the helicopters abilities that he lands after his final flight and taxi’s to the shed’s open door.

In a field where success is considered achieved when everyone walks away with all limbs intact these two latest endeavors have been a complete success, with both pilots achieving flight while returning alive.