The Google Nexus Plot Thickens. The Sony Nexus X, A Brand Named Nexus…

In the build up to an outrageously busy end to October, with the technology release dates stacking up in the calendar, Google may have some surprising twists for us all.

Like a magician starting their act, Google has the stage. With rumours of rumours and speculation rife Google has a trick up its sleeve, a twist in his act that no one saw coming. Google is changing the Google Nexus phone from being a single magic model, produced by a manufacturer chosen by Google, to becoming a premium brand manufactured by Google’s super friends.

All indicators point to four Google Nexus branded Superphones being released in the next six weeks, in the build up to Christmas. The LG Nexus 4 is likely to be the first but it will quickly be followed by Sony, Motorola, and HTC. All of the phones will be in the Superphone category; quad core, 4G and incredibly high resolution displays, 1920×1080 in the HTC’s case. All will also wear the Google stickers in all the right places.

The first clue to this changing brand was LG’s marketing build up for the Optimus LG weeks before the LG Nexus 4 appeared in pictures on the web. One might imagine Google could get upset if just before the release of the LG Nexus 4 LG themselves released a phone based around the same design in an Optimus case. This phone in question is the Optimus G, a next generation Superphone and in fact the opposite is true of Google, they couldn’t be happier.

The plot thickens with photo’s of the Sony Nexus X in full Google regalia recently appearing on the web. Sony forums have been abuzz with the possible rumours of a Sony Nexus X for the last month. The pictures of the Sony Nexus X were released by Google themselves through the GOOG picture sharing service.

The photos of LG’s Nexus 4 have appeared in the last week. More pictures appeared yesterday of a non-descript office, cubical alley. The meta data in the pictures identified the device as a Nexus 4, also confirming LG’s use of the Nexus 4 name.

It’s at this part of the story that details begin to become a little vague, contradictory rumours and nonsensical claims have been filtered as best we can. HTC is definitely working on new Nexus hardware. HTC has had a tough 2012, they could use a little Nexus magic. Two devices are in the works a Nexus Smartphone and a 5 inch tablet. One will be a high end device the other a $99 value Nexus. GSMArena reports that HTC has a 5 inch Phablet hybrid based on the One X specifications with quad everything and cinema in your palm, it is HTC’s Superphone.

Motorola has a fully branded Nexus in the works but as previously mentioned the Motorola DROID RAZR HD is nearly a Nexus. A Nexus phone in every way but without any Google branding; the setup screen, zero skinning, along with everything Google integrated the RAZR HD is a Nexus in wolfs clothing.

It may also provide some logic to the very early rumours surrounding the Nexus phone. Originally as the story goes the next Nexus would have a camera from Sony, screen from LG, Samsung chipset; and so on with almost all manufacturers having a hand in producing the new model. Instead it appears that most handset manufacturers will produce their own Nexus phone.

For the first 3 generations of its life the Nexus phone has represented Google in the Smartphone world. Originally it started as a humble design example, a minimum specification for the designers of Android phones. Over time it eventually developed a following amongst the technoids of the world, the Samsung Nexus S especially. Now those days may be over, the show is coming to a close.

Will Google dilute the Nexus Smartphone brand with this curious decision or will the magic rub off on other manufacturers? The Nexus Smartphone may become the lucky rabbits foot for many Android handset manufacturers.

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