The Google Machines Secret Switches Revealed…

Hidden deep inside of Google’s millions of lines of code and endless search page results is a sense of humour. From time to time it is revealed to the public and sometimes it is spread by the crafty Googlers who discover them, spread immediately after recovering from rolling on the floor laughing.

Today we have the later with Buzzfeed spreading the word, featuring some of their favourite tricks and tips; the awesome Atari Breakout, Google’s time warp and the barrel roll to name a few.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Buzzfeed tricks and tips video along with a Highpants selection of groovy Google gifts. Sit back, relax and let Google take you on a keyboard adventure, destination chuckle town.

Something special this way Googles. Google is all about words, natural for a totally parser driven (typing words) interface, like an old school text adventure game fun things can be achieved if you know what to type.

Many of the hidden surprises are humorous in nature, often taking things too literally and applying a little slap stick to what might otherwise be a fairly bland journey. Others are purely utilitarian in nature, some are incredibly handy some not so.

Without further ado here are our favourite hidden gems from the Google book of surprises:

  • Still our favourite Google ditty is the ode to Les Paul, a full band in a box Google doodle. It can still be played here. The archive of Google’s whimsical doodles can be found here.
  • Pacman also made an appearance as a Google doodle on Pacmans 30th birhtday. The faithful Pacman reproduction can still be played here,
  • The Hithickers Guide to The Galaxy Answer can be discovered by typing the classic hitchhikers phrase into the search engine. Type ‘Answer to life the universe and everything’  and you will be greeted by a fully functioning calculator with the number 42 already present, and it’s a pretty good calculator too, not planet sized but good. The calculator is also used when you type formulas into the search engine.
  • Type ‘Atari breakout’ into the Google image search and the tiles are transformed into the classic Atari Breakout video game, very cool.
  • Typing ‘Zerg Rush’ into Google search will launch a gaggle of Google O’s that will immediately start attacking the search results. A fun little game.
  • Askew, typing the word Askew into the search field causes the Google window to tilt and go all Askew.
  • Blue Moon, type in Once in a blue moon and Google reveals the precise frequency of blue moons. Represented by Google’s uber nerds in mathematical formula and hertz , translating down to a very small number to 2.7 years.
  • Type ‘Define: ‘ followed by a word you are interested in and Google’s dictionary kicks in.
  • Type in ‘Google Gravity’ and then click on the ‘I Feel Lucky’ button and suddenly gravity is enforced in strange ways.
  • Google Earth contains a very special surprise, hit Control-Alt and A to start Google Earth Flight Sim. Hidden in there is a fully fledged flight simulator to enjoy.

Google is the internet behemoth with a sense of humor, just don’t laugh too hard at them and everything will be OK. Remember your searches belong to them.