The Flying Humanoids, The Real Ironman or Witches without Broomsticks…

Flying Humanoids, an unexplained phenomenon involving sightings of creature’s most unusual. The ominous dark humanoid figures are seen to silently float through the air, hovering at times.

Often seen traveling alone there has however been a number of sightings involving multiple humanoids, along with other oddly shaped companions. Without wings or obvious forms of propulsion the flying humanoids are a mystery most unusual.

Included for your viewing pleasure are 3 of the most famous flying humanoid videos. First is the unusual case of police officer Leornado Samaneigo, who had a very close encounter with a flying humanoid. An encounter that left him slapped, dazed and in shock. Video’s 2 and 3 feature the two most sensational cases, cases that received much media attention.

 The Phenomenon
Police reports often refer to the sightings as Unidentified Flying Humanoids, the witnesses often refer to them as what the hell is that. While most sightings involve observation at a distance a number have been much closer encounters, of the first kind.

Case 1.

January 16, 2004, Police officer Leonardo Samaniego  encounters a flying humanoid up close and personally. The experience leaves the officer suffering from nightmares for years after the encounter.

The incident begins while pursuing a robbery suspect Officer Samaneigo notices a dark object drop to the ground in front of his patrol car. Stopping suddenly to his surprise there appeared to be nothing in front of his car, until the dark outline of a creature stands up in front of his car. Turning and starring at him with piercing black eyes looking through the bright glare of the patrol cars headlights, the creature approached his patrol car.

Slipping into reverse Officer Salameigo backed up, only to be shocked by the creature pounding on his windscreen. Knocked unconscious during the encounter he is unable to remember past this point but ambulance officers report 3 slap marks on his face.

 Case 2

Skywatching in his back yard Richard Giodano of Pheonix Arizona captured his first flying humanoid on September 25, 2005. Zooming in on the unusual object shocked Richard, caught in plain sight was a flying humanoid.  Shock is slow replaced by intrigue, Richard keeps the video recording, narrating the entire encounter.

A number of investigations have been carried out on the Phoenix flying humanoid, various simulations have been tested including balloon and garbage bags, and none were able to replicate the video.

 Case 3

Salvador Guerrero’s March, 2000 flying humanoid sighting signaled the beginning of a series of similar sightings. With apparent limbs and a stance that would suggest the creature was standing upright, the flying humanoid hung impossibly in the sky. By far the creepiest of all flying humanoids this particular on resembled a flying wicker man.

This was one of the first sightings to involve multiple objects in the sky along with the flying humanoid. All of the objects seem to interact until they separate and travel off in their own directions. The UFH then continues to hoverer, spinning stationary for several minutes before moving off and disappearing behind a number of distant buildings.

Unidentified flying humanoids, shape shifting UFO’s, witches without broomsticks or personal transport of the future, far more investigation is required before a complete explanation can be given.

Sightings of UFH continue to this day, in the last few months a number of sightings have been reported in Mexico, China and California.