The First Juke-R rolls off the production line. The Hottest Hot Hatch in History…

According to website MotorTrend the first Juke-R has left the production line and is ready for delivery. For a short while this first in line shopper will be the member of a very exclusive club, driver of the only road ready Juke-R, anywhere.

With a number of modifications since its initial build the Juke-R is now even faster and more extreme than the original concept car. This is a real concept car come to life, after the initial demonstrations in Dubai there was enough interest to convince Nissan to allow limited production. Now the Juke-R is built to order for serious buyers. The unknown buyer of the first car has paid the breath-taking sum of $650,000 for the privilege.

The Nissan pocket rocket inherits some interesting heritage. The engine, gearbox and transmission donated generously from the Nissan 2012 GTR, somehow this is squeezed into a body based on the Nissan Juke (Micra). The resulting Juke-R is simply an incredible engineering feat.

The first production ready Juke-R delivers 545 bhp from the twin turbo 3.8 litre V6, providing ample power to the semi-auto transmission and intelligent 4WD system. Punching far above its weight this city car will thrash most supercars in a straight line race, or on the track. With a 0-100 time of 3.0 seconds and an 11.9 second quarter mile time this is a seriously fast super micro.

The Juke-R is also track ready, with a full FIA spec full roll-cage included each lucky buyer will be able to put supercars and touring cars to shame.

The Juke-R may initially seem like an experiment by a mad scientist of the motor world, for good reason. It is an amazing piece of engineering that may be the first new hot hatchback to take the crown from the Lancia Delta Integral a. Now there is a new king of insanity, a new definition of crazy. The Juke-R is now the greatest hot hatch ever produced.

Reference: MotorTrend

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