The Digitizer, the Desktop 3D Scanner from MakerBot…

MakerBot, makers of 3D printers for the masses has once again broken new ground, showcasing a prototype desktop 3D scanner, the Digitizer. A new way to create the increasingly important 3D model, now 3D models can be created in minutes ready to print.

MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis made an impression in Austin Texas; he’s making a habit of it. SXSW 2009 Bre presented the groundbreaking 3D Printer Cupcake, followed last year by the amazing Replicator 2 range of 3D printers. This year Bre was on form once more stunning the crowd with the Digitizer.


Like a superhero in a cartoon world Digitizer is capable of amazing feats, able to scan any object in under 3 minutes. Able to squeeze onto the corner of any desk Digitizer will bring any object to digital file.

The Digitizer in action.
The Digitizer in action.

With the rise of 3D printers the 3D models used by all of these new printers have become far more important, and common. As a new source for their 3D models MakerBots scanner gives 3D printer owners a new set of options.  After all a 3D printer can turn almost any design into hard plastic, but it needs a design or 3D model to print.

Giving the Digitizer eyes are two lasers and a video camera. The lasers scan the object as it rotates on a turntable while the camera keeps an eye on proceedings. The 3D models produced are said to be of high quality and water tight according to Bre, there has been no specific mention of resolutions yet though.

The Digitizer should be available late 2013, the price and specs are yet to be finalized.

With the ability to backup any object in the world, 8 inches at a time that is, will we one day be able to simply take a copy of our possessions reproducing them as needed? Could we backup the world?

Reference: MakerBot Digitizer