The Destructive Power of the Mighty Neodymium Magnet…

Neodymium is a wonder material of the modern world, from powering electric cars to fastening connectors this is a magnet with pull, and push. The destructive force of these mighty Neodymium magnets cannot be disputed, able to crush flesh and destroy any object that gets in their way.

Experimenting with these alloy wonder magnets can be an expensive proposition but they can be had for free, extracted from derelict hard drives. If experimenting tickles your fancy please remember to never get your digits in the way, these magnets can be break bones.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video evidence of these mighty magnets in action, destroying all types of everyday items using only their magnetic attraction to each other. For those wanting to get in on the action also included are the video instructions for extracting Neodymium magnets from hard drives. Sit back, relax and let the destruction begin.