The Commodore Amiga Mini, Amiga Insanity At It’s Very Best…

Commodore USA, the makers of the Über cool retro PC’s has released a mini model. Absent from this model are any styling queues from the Amiga’s of old, but it does carry the brand and logo of the computer many people loved.

Internally the Amiga Mini is PC all the way. With Intel Core-i7, 16GB of Ram and a GeForce GT 430 GPU all sitting atop a Zotac Z68-ITX WiFi Supreme motherboard. A 1TB 2.5-inch laptop hard drive is included standard, with the option to switch to an SSD. A slot loading BluRay drive rounds-out the spec. This may actually be the most powerful Amiga every released.

The small 7.5 inch square – 3 inches tall – chassis is constructed entirely of highly polished aluminium with space for two 2.5 inch hard drives internally. Displayed prominently on the front of the case is the Commodore logo, with the Amiga logo front and center, etched into the aluminium itself.

Continuing the incredible management decisions of Commodore of old Commodore USA has had a minor brain explosion deciding to set the RRP for the Amiga mini at US$2,495. The case and BluRay drive will cost you US$345 if you decide to supply your own internals.

After a long history of curious management decisions should we be surprised at this strange choice of pricing? Truth be told the most shocking aspect is that anyone is still shocked by the brain explosions connected to the Commodore brand. Still, in a world fighting for differentiation between 1,000 copies of the same hardware spec Commodore USA has one little advantage, the Amiga logo etched into Aluminium.

Is it enough to make you think there something in the water at Commodore USA?. It is a very sleek design and it does connect us to memories of a misspent youth, whether that is enough to offset the incredible price only the market can decide.

Reference: Commodore USA

The Commodore AMIGA mini specifications
MODEL: Commodore AMIGA mini
EXPANSION SLOTS: 1 x PCI Express x4 (open-end) 1 x Mini PCI Express (occupied by WiFi module)
COOLING: 2 x 40x40x10mm fans
EXTERNAL DRIVE BAYS: Slim slot-loading optical drive
INTERNAL DRIVE BAYS: Two 2.5″ standard hard drive mounts.
DISPLAY: 2 x Dual-link DVI, 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI
REMOTE CONTROL: IR and remote kit (optional), 100% Windows MCE compatible
DIMENSIONS: 197mm×197mm×75mm (L× W× H) [7.75″x7.75″x3″]
PSU SUPPORT: 120W PSU board and external AC/DC adapter.
COLOR: Silver or Black

Amiga Mini Internals

  • A massive 16 Gigs of fast DD3 memory.
  • Integrated nVidia Geforce GT 430 Graphics with 1 Gig of DD3 memory.
  • The ability to drive 3 monitors displays.
  • HDMI, 2-Dual DVI and DisplayPort output. (includes VGA adaptor)
  • 7.1 channel high definition sound.
  • 6 Gb/s SATA for incredibly fast HD reads.
  • 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports for exceptional external data access.
  • A slot loading Blu-ray drive that can also write DVDs.
  • 2 WiFi antennae for outstanding signal reception.
  • A 1 Tb Hard Disk to store video and personal data.
  • Optional 300 or 600 Gb SSD drive for lightning quick load times.

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