The Center Bar 3D LED Display at the SLS Las Vegas…

Las Vegas is the adult’s only city of lights that will entertain and amaze all visitors. Although this does make trying to capture the attention of new visitors to Las Vegas an ever increasing challenge for the hotels and casinos that call Vegas home.

The SLS Hotel (formerly the Sahara) has many such attention catching sights; the LED display floating above the Centre Bar is one such sight that is sure to amaze. Floating above the bar and visible to all who walk into the hotel is the golden 3D face animation, a display that attracts endless streams of viewers.

Designed and built by Daktronics the golden face is actually part high tech display and part optical illusion, a forced perspective display that is only visible from just the right angle. The installation uses 2.1 million colour LED’s spaced at 6mm intervals to create a seemingly 3D animation. Unlike an LED cube the Daktoniks installation actually places the LED’s around the inside surface of the clear box that contains it.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the many amazing sights that visitors to Las Vegas can enjoy. A stunning execution of technology matched with artistic talent in order to produce an awesome high-tech display. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by LED’s.

Reference: Makezine
Reference: Daktroniks

Daktronics Collage display demonstrates LED setup.
Daktronics Collage display demonstrates LED setup.