The Blue Planet Project: The Alien Technical Manual…

An encyclopaedia of all things alien the Blue Planet Project document has caused much controversy since first appearing in 2002. Some say it is a pure hoax while others claim the author is as real as you and me.

An unofficial history of humanities secret involvement with aliens the Blue Planet Project document covers all of the major modern UFO topics and incidents to date. Authored by an unknown source the document is written with an insider’s perspective, giving the document a real MIB feel.

 The sheer volume of topics covered by the Blue Planet Project warrants at the very least a quick scanning. Reading deeper also rewards the reader with a level of detail that’s difficult to fake. If it is entirely BS at least the author has put a lot of work into it.

The document is believed to be the personal notes of a scientist Jefferson Souza who was heavily involved behind the scenes. Reading the document you could quickly conclude the author (Jefferson) wore a black suite and black sunglasses. While the term Men In Black in reality probably covers a number of roles the author of BPP fits the description of an MIB perfectly.

Grey Alien
Grey Alien

Working behind the scenes for over 30 years Jefferson was charged with many important investigations. Visiting UFO crash sites, interrogating captured aliens and analysing all data gathered from his endeavours were all day to day activities.

Seemingly a thorough investigator Jefferson not only describes his investigation but his notes include information on documents encountered during these investigations, as well as information regarding the organisation he was working for.

Being thorough in some walks of life though can be a dangerous pass-time as the author of the Blue Planet Project would discovered. Scheduled for termination for his thoroughness Jefferson narrowly escaped the government’s clutches and is currently in hiding outside of the USA.

All of the major topics that form the alien conundrum are covered in some way by the document. Over 160 alien races are described along with the many alien underground installations around the globe. Allowing all this to happen are the secret government conspiracies with aliens, including treaties and technology and soldier exchanges. The Dulce bases chamber of horror where human experimentation takes place along with the use of humans as a source of food are topics that will make your skin crawl.

paranoid-blue-planet-project-UFO-re-engineeringIs the Blue Planet Project real? Unfortunately there is zero evidence connecting the document to a real person, Jefferson Souza may have existed but there is a complete lack of supporting evidence. The events mentioned within the document are stories that have existed with the alien conspiracy world for years, not with this level of detail perhaps.

The entire 114 page document is available free to read and his highly recommended by those interested in the subject. While there is no new evidence presented by the document, it is a great synopsis of alien human situation.

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