The Blipverts return, now with 30% more opossum than roadside stew…

Here at Highpants we often enjoy the odd bring your pet to work day, having to split the building into cat and dog sides is never fun but it is far less dangerous than trying to prize them apart. That never really happens of course the few old dogs and moggy’s that make it in seem to get on fine, it’s the birds that cause all of the problems.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is ME Pearls extraordinary Proper Opossum Massage video. An 8 minute epic with more cringe worthy moments than an Osmond family reunion. When it comes to loving your pet too much not many can compare to this YouTube sensation.

There is actually an entire collection of ‘Proper’ videos and books aimed at caring for your Opossum. Pearl has covered many topics, teaching everything from Opossum massage and pedicures to Psychology.

While Pearl seems to have excellent massage technique we’re still unsure if the Opossum is actually enjoying the massage, the pedicure she loves but the oily touchy feely stuff not so much.

Watch the videos, guaranteed to inform and amaze while providing that rare cringe while laughing in hysterics moment. It’s just so very very wrong in just the right ways….

This week Highpants has searched high and low, gathering nuggets of tech gold from around the web. Clicking fingers at the ready, and get clicking…

  • OCZ this week announced an SQL Server optimized SSD PCI Express card, data monkeys around the world rejoice we have a new weapon to speed up that lazy query. ..READ MORE
  • LG surprises the entire world by purchasing WebOS from Hewlett Packard. Destined for LG’s next generation smart TV’s the Palm legacy lives on. Has WebOS become the new Amiga?... READ MORE
  • Razer has a stable of amazing gaming products, now a tablet joins the Razer family, the Razer Edge. No ordinary tablet mind you, the Core i5 or i7 CPU joined by the Nvidia 640GT video card is a poweful combination that will make this the most powerful tablet available… READ MORE
  • Fans of the classic video game Bomberman can rejoice, not only is Bomberman making a return he’s making a web based multi-player return. With up to 1,000 players bombing away on the one map, chaos may ensue… READ MORE
  • AMD’s next generation A10 Kaveri APU will support GDDR5 memory, supplying more bandwidth than all of the NBN (Australia’s broadband network) put together, actually 54.4 GB’s of bandwidth… READ MORE
  • Canon has previewed their new ultra low light sensor that is capable of shooting video by moonlight alone. The most sensitive video sensor in the world, so be nice… READ MORE and HERE
  • Nikon have squeezed a DX Sensor into a compact body camera, with retro looks and DSLR picture quality has Nikon finally conquered the point and shoot market? A day too late!READ MORE
  •  SimCity has launched in North America to more jeers than cheers. Complaints have poured in with failed downloads, connection issues and the game refusing to unlock. In this case the Origin client is taking most of the heat… READ MORE
  • Quo Computers Project Q motherboard promises to boot any operating system. The custom firmware onboard may even be capable of booting Apple’s OS X… READ MORE
  • Qualcomm, makers of silicon smarts for every mobile device has turned on the marketing machine and let it loose all over NVIDIA and its Tegra 4 chips, oouch… READ MORE
  • Cree have released a groundbreaking LED light bulb, $13 for a 9.5 watt LED that shines as bright as a 60 watt incandescent bulb. We might at the very least be able to ditch those annoying compact fluorescent bulbs… READ MORE