The Best Street Drummer in Las Vegas is Amazing.

In a world full of unrecognized and unbelievably talented people it is no surprise, sad but no surprise, that one of the best drummers in Las Vegas is a busker performing for spare change. Drumming to Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ the performance starts out slow, matching the backing track perfectly until he lets loose with his high speed syncopated beats, this is one incredible sense of timing on show.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is possibly one of the best street performing drummers in Las Vegas. Evidence of the wealth of untapped musical talent that the mainstream music industry seems to ignore. An industry that really makes you wonder if the most talented people are what it is interested in, seriously an industry that puts Madonna at its head while vastly more talented people perform for change. Sit back relax and let the rhythm feed your soul, while your mind wonders why it is so.