The Baltic Sea UFO Explained, Emits EMF While Listening To KLF…

Peter Lindberg, head of the Ocean X Team, has returned to the Baltic Sea and the site of Roswell on the Sea Floor, the Baltic Sea Anomaly. The original discovery caused quite a stir in 2011, with the objects obvious resemblance to the Millennium Falcon it tugged hard on many peoples imaginations.

Till now only low resolution images of the strange object have exist, taken during the original June 2011 expedition. That is until now.

The start of June 2012 saw the first break in the weather and opportunity to return to and explore the site. The Ocean X Team this time came prepared with higher resolution sonar and new remote controlled robotic equipment.

Lindberg has now spoken for the first time about the expedition, his findings are both interesting and surprising.

Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg are the driving force behind Ocean X, having joined forces in the hunt for treasure in 1990 they are now co-owners of the Sweden Ocean Explorer and founding members of the Ocean X Team.

June 1st saw Ocean X Team set off from Stockholm for the second visit to the site of the Baltic Sea anomaly.Armed with high tech equipment and divers prepared to brave the deep.

Initially the team were thwarted at every attempt to send down robotic sensors. The divers reported that the object is giving off electrical interference that keeps foiling their attempts to investigate it. “Anything electric out there, and the satellite phone as well, stopped working when we were above the object,” said diver Stefan Hoberborn in an Ocean X press release. “And then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn’t work.”

Once the site had been declared safe, a working robotic underwater vehicle and video feed had confirmed earlier tests, two divers were sent down to inspect the site.

According to Lindberg, on the live video feed the object appears to be concrete, a bridge foundation or major support structure. It also appears to be very old, with smoothing possibly caused by glacial wear.

The divers were amazed by the site, which they described as a large circular object with lots of 90 degree angles, long straight lines and a smooth surface. Looking like it had been purposefully constructed. The main circular object also appears to be mounted on top of an 8 meter tall stone pillar, giving the entire structure a mushroom shaped profile.

The site also appears to contain circular rock formations, far more complex than the original side scan sonar suggested. A number of stone rings consisting of 25-30 stones arranged in a tight circular structure appear on top of the main object, stone-age fireplaces.

The initial samples taken from the site revealed the site emits 20 times the normal levels of radiation, and high levels of EMF noise. The Baltic Sea is generally exhibits high levels of radiation since Chernobyl though.

Divers also discovered a new mystery, the Black Stones. These mysterious stones sit atop the main structure and are clean black stones with no silt on them at all, while the entire area around them is covered in silt, as you would expect.

The Baltic Sea anomaly may not in fact be a Millennium Falcon parked poorly, still the mystery lives on, new questions are raised as old questions are answered. Is this a man made structure, was it in fact a pre-historic Smurf village. All of these questions will hopefully be answered with the Ocean X Team’s next visit to the Baltic Sea Anomaly.

Reference: Earthfiles

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