The AOC i2727fh 27-inch HD IPS Monitor and the Rise of the Affordable IPS LCD Panel…

AOC, manufacturer of monitors of all types and sizes has released a new entrant in to the increasingly crowded value IPS monitor market. The AOC i2757fh HD Monitor brings the advantages of IPS panel technology to the value segment of the monitor market.

The large 27-inch panel is branded by AOC as a Borderless display, the 2mm bezel comes very close to fulfilling this claim, while also being a nice marketing term. As the newest member of AOC’s 57 series of monitors the i2757fh has been designed to combine style and substance, inspiring a sense of floating free of any earthly bonds. The stand which is also detachable, combined with the thin bezel goes a long way to achieving the design goals.

The monitors specifications includes; 1920×1080 HD resolution, 50,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, true 16.7 million colour support, 5ms response time, wide viewing angles, two rear facing HDMI ports and built in speakers.

For many years IPS panels were the exclusive territory of graphic designers and industrial imaging, places were cost was far less of a concern than quality. The colour detail, clarity and wide viewing angles without colour shift has always fulfilled the quality but now it is entering the value segment.

All monitor manufacturers now have IPS panels available in their product lines, many of them in the value segment of the market. The i2757fh fits snugly in at the top of the value market with the price tag of $349 USD. LG, Samsung, Viewsonic and Benq all have monitors that are similar on paper with lower price tags, worth considering if price is the deciding factor. The AOC however does offer a unique design and top notch panel at a reasonable price.

AOC’s i2757fh HD monitor is available now for $349 USD. As with all technologies, monitor technology marches on relentlessly, all the time evolving constantly.