The Alienware Über Laptop Refresh…

Michael Dell long ago used an Alienware laptop, he liked it so much he bought the company. Since those early halcyon days the Über laptop market has become far more crowded and competitive. Alienware continue to this day to produce some of the most powerful laptops in the world, now Alienware is once again taking the Über laptop battle to the competition.

The 29th will see Alienware refresh it’s line-up of high powered angular Stealth fighter reminiscent laptops. Known for their edgy, if not outrageous design, advanced lighting system and supercomputer levels of performance the Alienware M series are about to be turned all the way up to 11.

Updated versions of the M14x, M17x and the Über M18x are all due for a refresh. All models have been upgraded to 6GB minimum of DDR3 1600 Ram, PCI Express X3 for double the graphics to CPU bandwidth, the latest Intel Core i7 (Sandy Bridge) options, Sound Blasters latest Recon3Di High-Definition hardware along with the latest SSD storage options.

While these upgrades, especially the CPU will add up to enhanced performance when compared to the previous generation the real excitement is being generated by the new video card options. All three models will now include options for AMD’s 7970M and NVIDIA’s 660M or 675M. Confirming the Über classification the M18x is even able to squeeze in dual video cards, Crossfire in AMD’s case and SLI for NVIDIA. The memory for the M18x also includes the option for DDR3 1866 ultra-high speed RAM.

Backlit keyboard

Speculation is also running rife suggesting that this may not be the only refresh this year, with Intel’s new 3D transistor based Ivy Bridge CPU’s and an even faster NVIDIA video cards due for release in the second half of the year expect these options to be included.

Unfortunately speculation is also suggesting that the littlest Alienware, the M11x will be discontinued. Not extravagant enough to make the Über classification the M11x was still a very powerful laptop in a mini package.

Able to chew through the most demanding task with aplomb Über laptops are actually the workhorse of the laptop world. While these laptops may be marketed as gaming dynamo’s they are also often used for video editing, photography and 3D rendering, work that indeed renders most laptops impotent. The march of technology continues relentlessly, Alienware have heard the beat of the drum and answered the call to arms. Can Origin, HP and the other Über laptop manufacturers keep pace ? Only time will tell.

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