The AIO Robotics Zeus Teleportation Box, the First 3D Printer Fax Machine and more…

Teleportation, the ability to send an object from one location to another without the object moving through space is actually far closer than you could imagine, its already here.

AIO Robotics have this week released the Zeus 3D printer and scanner that like a fax machine can send an image, 3D in this case, from one fax machine to another. The scanner is able to digitize objects up to 5 inches high at a resolution of 125 microns; the printer is a standard plastic filament printer able to print at 80 micron resolution.

The clever bit is the ability to exchange 3D images between printers over the internet, automatically. A feature that gives this little grey box teleportation abilities. True teleportation does of course require the original to be destroyed, that is up to the sender of the object for now.

highpants-aio-robotics-zeus-teleportation-objectThe Zeus is also the first 3D all-in-one printer that is able to scan, print, copy and fax any object that you can jam inside and close the door on.

As far as its teleportation features go Zeus cannot teleport living creatures, although if they sit still long enough to scan a rough facsimile can be captured and sent. Also anything more mechanically complicated than a lump of plastic isn’t going to teleport in a working order, it will look identical however.

The Zeus is expensive at $2499 and you can be sure that these features will be duplicated by every 3D printer manufacturer within a year or two but it is the first and only all-in-one 3D printer and teleportation device. It’s an incredible thing that we can now buy off the shelf a device that can transmit objects, its a little low resolution and not very advanced but it is real and available for pre-order now.

Reference: AIO Robotics