That’s Got to Hurt, Nope She’s OK. Badass Skier Angel Collinson.

Angel Collinson has experienced many skiing misadventures during her quest for the extreme, but none as remarkable as her recent trip to Alaska filming for the upcoming Snowboard and Skiing feature film Paradise Waits.

Alaska for Angel is a tale of badassdom, a trip that may cement her the title of Living a True Thug Life. Deep in the heart of the Alaskan Wilderness the drop offs are near vertical and Angel leaps right on in. After a few smooth controlled turns and still perfectly in control the mountain bites back with an innocent looking flow of loose powder that quickly turns into a little avalanche. The rest is legend making.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the indestructible Angel Collinson and her spectacular out-takes for Paradise Waits. Sit back relax and prepare to see what happens when gravity takes control.

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