Tetris Lights, Mood Lighting For The Tetris Generation…

Some gadgets are high tech, some gadgets merely a good idea and some gadgets just look cool. Tetris lights fall into the last category, they are just plain cool. Nothing more than a set of colored led lights, not even an off switch present, they are an example of warm memories triggered by a clever imitation.

The multi-coloured Tetrominoes, blocks, are sold in packs of seven Tetrominoes, each of the classic Tetris shapes is included. Cube, little L, straight line, all of the classics shapes just waiting to be sorted. Stack the lights in any Tetris like tower, connecting two or more Tetrominoes activates the led lights, illuminating your still life Tetris wall.

The individual lights are made of 4cm square sections, collectively most completed stacks will only reach 30cm in height. Assemble the lights in any pattern, making sure to leave the odd gap, the results of a left button tapped once to often in a flurry, while others are locked together tightly.

Tetris lights.

From the FireBox site, the makers, claim the lights will “brighten up that minimalist apartment with this official Tetris Light that lets you redesign your desk lamp whenever you like. Simply connect one of the bricks to the mains and then as each new brick is placed into position they will light up through some kind of magical, pre-war 8-bit Russian science.”

Available on Amazon or FireBox.com for $59.99 USD / £29.99. With more geek sheik than a wrist full of Casio calculator watches the Tetris Lights are the gadget of the day, simple and cheap they are off the charts cool.

Reference: FireBox