The Tesla Turbine, the Fastest and Most Efficient Turbine in the World…

Inventive genius Tesla is best known for his work with electricity but his favourite invention was the crazy little turbine, the Tesla Turbine. An almost counter-intuitive looking design that stacks flat disks and lacks blades of any kind.

Tesla Turbines are known for two things aside from their unusual design, they are highly efficient with the ability to achieve 98% efficiency. Then there is the speed, exceptionally high RPM rates are easily produced with many home builds able to spin at 80,000 rpm using only compressed air as the power source.

The turbine itself is a very simple device that’s easy to manufacture making it a popular DIY project with many people building their own generators and motors based on the design.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the best DIY Tesla Turbine videos capturing the incredible engine in action. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by the little engine that could.

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