Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode, the OMG Generator…

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the adrenalin inducing effects of the world’s best electric car, a car with a mode named Insane. A mode that may one day become known as the OMG generator.

With specifications almost identical to a Lamborghini Aventador, except the requirement for petrol of course, the P85D was always going to be impressively quick but just how quick takes most people by surprise. Slip it into Insane mode and the Tesla quickly causes OMG to repeated ad nauseum.

The Tesla Model S P85D has dual motor 4WD power able to accelerate to 60mph in 3.2 seconds. With both motors generating 691 bhp this is a five seater sedan that can take on any supercar. Even more surprising than the numbers on paper are the reactions of people taken for a ride in the all-electric wonder. With a whole new type of insane acceleration passengers a pinned to their seats with a look of surprise on their faces.
Reference: Tesla Motors