Teenagers Visit the Apple Store to Bend iPhone 6’s, Hilariously Scandalous…

As Apple tries to put the recent torrent of scandals behind it a couple of crafty teenagers have stepped up to add their voices to the still raging Bendgate controversy. While Apple may claim that only 9 people have complained of bent phones, and while Apple may blame tight jeans for the bent fruity phones these rambunctious teenagers have demonstrated there is an issue.

Apple has tried to sooth the masses recently by inviting a limited number of journalists to its test facility and releasing videos of the iPhone 6 being tested, but this hasn’t really worked. The fact that the videos show the test machine bending the phone exactly in the middle demonstrates a lack of testing diversity, most bums don’t have the curve exactly in the middle, a crack maybe but not an even curve. Overall the video would make me more nervous if I were an Apple fan.

LG's bendy by design phone
LG’s bendy by design phone

The iPhone 6 obviously has some issues but if no-one complains is there actually a problem. At the end of the day there’s only a problem if people complain and that doesn’t seem to be happening, no-one is asking for their money back and nor are they trading their bendy iPhone 6+ for a Samsung Note.

Apple seems to have worked out how to dig up and out of the hole it found itself in, a hole it may have dug for itself in the first place, albeit in the more traditional down direction. A hole that began with the iCloud security debacle that came about through letting the grads design your security system while you headed out for a beer. The iOS 8 update, patch and patch of the patch caused only a short lived panic to spread, but again this is an in-house quality issue, a problem of their own making. Maybe Steve Jobs’ hidden genius was his perfectionism, he was said to be a stern task master and it showed in the end product.

Apple will continue to be Apple, their fans will continue to adore and the rest of the world will stop laughing once the next internet craziness comes along. But in the end that’s just life on the internet with high pants on.