How to Talk Australians – Episode 5: ‘NICKNAMES – HELLO CHOPPER’

The Delhi College of Linguistics presents “Episode 5” of their hilarious study into the Australian vernacular or How to Talk Australians. The very special guest host for this episode of the educational series is  Chopper’ the talking Cockatoo who appears to be an expert in the Aussie vernacular.

Join the staff and students as Chopper takes over the class with his colorful language, educating and enlightening all before him. Like a white feathery Aussie cursing machine Chopper introduces the class to many of Australia’s most famous phrases, demonstrating a turn of phrase that has contributed to making our great country what it is.

For you viewing pleasure is the politically incorrect comedy that puts Australia on the map, somewhere in Mumbai. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the funniest episode so far, lucky number five: Nicknames.

reference: How to Talk Australians

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