Taking Balls to the Face, Scott Sterling the Ultimate Soccer Goalkeeper…

Many in England may call Soccer Gods game but one goalkeeper is sure to call it a form of unfortunate torture. Scott Sterling is that goal keeper and let’s just say that no-one takes a ball to the face like Scott. In what may be one of the funniest Soccer shoot-outs in history now legendary Scott Sterling demonstrates just how much you have to be willing to give in order to achieve greatness. A video that proves there is only one thing funnier than a getting hit in the crotch video, a ball to the face video.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious Studio C production ‘Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling’, a video so painfully hilarious you may never see soccer the same again, Scott certainly won’t. So sit back, relax and remember don’t try this at home these are trained comedy professionals in action.

Reference: Studio C