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The Sony Xperia XZ Premium SmartPhone: Our Favourite New 4K Thing…

Having gone out of contract on my mobile phone a month ago it was time to begin the hunt for a new shinny communications gadget. To be honest I was also dying to upgrade away from Microsoft’s Windows Phone (930), yes the Windows Phone hadn’t lived up to expectations.

The timing for the hunt this time round was just about perfect, for once. The Samsung S8 had just been released into an already crowded premium phone market with the likes of LG, Huawei, M2, One2One all having rather sexy top end phones available.

There was one mobile though that caught my eye, the Sony XZ Premium. Released just this month it was hot off the presses and included one of the best cameras on any of the premium phone. Its super slow-motion, 4K image and 4K video capture peaked my interest.

After doing the in-shop inspection of the various phones the decision was clear, the Sony is one cool looking piece of hardware as well-being amongst the most advanced. I can see why it won the ’New Phone of the Year’ award at the Mobile World Conference this year.

Having researched, decided and purchased my new phone it was time to see what this bad boy could do. At this point in time all I could confirm is that it comes in a white box and has the looks of a smooth criminal, but as I have learnt looks can be deceiving.

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