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Project Piston, the Steam Box Prototype Xi3 Style…

A match made in heaven, Steam and micro PC maker Xi3 have been seen around the halls of CES in compromising positions. With Xi3 hardware on display at Steam’s booth and Xi3’s CEO talking up everything Steam something is in the air.

Project Piston is result of this not so secret partnership, a micro computer not much larger than a Rubik’s cube that also happens to be the Steam Box prototype.

The latest product developed by Xi3 is designated the X7A, this is thought to be the technological foundation of the Steam Box prototype. Keeping with Xi3’s compact form factor and modular design the X7A measured a mere 11cm at each corner, a tight squeeze for a fully fledge PC. Clever by design Xi3 have split the PC’s motherboard into 3 parts that are laid around the inside surface of the cube. See the previous Highpants article on Xi3’s excellent chrome cube for more information.

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iSYS Xi3 Chromium Chrome: First Chrome OS Lifesized Modular Desktop

ChromiumPC the shiniest of shines and the name of the first ever Google Chrome OS based desktop computer. iSYS Technologies and Xi3 Corporation have teamed up to release a flexible and impressively hip looking compact computer. Using a very clever modular design Xi3 have managed to fit an impressive amount of computing power into this coke can sized computer. Then just to make it catch your eye they made it out of Billet Aluminium and Chrome.

More than just a PC the Chromium represents a new PC architecture as well as a new software architecture in Chrome OS. This is a small shiny PC with a leading edge punch. Using a modular design the PC’s internals are spit into three daughter boards that are upgradable. The layout of the modules helps with keeping temps down inside. It sounds logical but the smaller internal space in a computers case the easier it is to keep cool, small spaces collect heat very fast. The three modules that make up Chromium are the Processor Module, the Primary I/O Module and Secondary I/O Module. Each of the modules are upgradeable as new technology is released.

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