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Things Sounding Wrong, Just Too Funny.

Everyone in the world knows the sound of a train rushing by, with or without the train horn sounding. Some enthusiasts can even tell the model of train passing by just from its audio signature alone. Hearing a train screaming as it goes by may sound like a meh moment but the video evidence proves sounding wrong triggers the ears funny bone.

Many animal noises also fall into this category, oddly goats that sound wrong are most often goats themselves making wrong noises, the funniest of all of the animals sounding wrong. We have much Highpants computing power working on why this is the case but thus far the best we can say is goats are just a naturally funny animals.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the things sounding wrong videos, an audio video journey of the funny kind. Sit back relax a prepare for the double take moments to begin.

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