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Apocalypse Drone, Syrian Aerial Footage.

New independent media channel Russian Insider and RussiaWorks.ru have teamed up to release intense drone footage of the latest country to be laid to waste by war. Filmed during a recent Syrian Army offensive on rebel held positions in the suburbs of Damascus the footage captures the overwhelming destruction in its rawest form, an apocalypse in motion.

The aerial footage was recorder during fierce clashes between the Russian backed Syrian Army and the American backed Islamic State soldiers. As buildings are pounded into dust, and dust is pounded into even finer dust it becomes no clearer why this is necessary.

If there is any question of whether and how an entire civilization can disappear here is the evidence happening before our very eyes.

Reference: RussiaWorks.ru
Reference: RussianInsider

MegaBot Rumble, Challenge Accepted in the Robot Battle of the Century…

The world isn’t large enough for two mega robots, so it’s only natural that soon after  MegaBot II was demonstrated the challenge would be thrown down, and thrown down it was. Young upstarts MegaBot Inc issued the challenge last week, Suidobashi Heavy Industry subsequently replied with a request for melee combat and now it’s time for 2 mega robots to go to war. In one year’s time on a battle field still to be decided the two largest working manned robots will compete for Mega Robot dominance.

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