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Useless Machines Are Always Good for a Laugh.

Mankind has a rich history of making useless machines, mechanical devices designed and built with no specific purpose aside from being constructed. While these useless machines may be short on purpose they usually make up for it by being humorous and often fascinating.

From a smoking machine to a self-tapping set of fingers there are endless examples of devices that fit into the useless category. Here at Highpants our favorite is still the Leave me alone box. A box with a switch that when turned on automatically turns itself off. Probably the most common type of useless machine the Leave me alone box has been improved upon for many years as fans of useless machines add unnecessarily complicated and pointless features to what is in essence a box with a switch on it.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the funniest incarnations of the Leave me alone box, a robot box that just wants to be left alone. The only question left being ‘Does putting two useless machines together make something twice as useless?’ Sit back relax and don’t you dare flick that switch.

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