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Roli Blocks, a Musical Revolution…

Musical equipment has ridden the wave of technological change in recent years, at the forefront of this change is Roli, an English company hoping to revolutionize how we make music. Roli’s Blocks are a flexible modular musical system that includes incredible new touch technology. Now anyone can put together the blocks that they need, from a portable studio in your backpack to a professional dream studio and get down to making tunes.

There are really two parts to Roli’s revolution, the modular wireless design of the blocks and the interface of the instruments. The blocks themselves can be split into two groups; control blocks and instrument blocks. All of the blocks are wireless and Bluetooth connected, snapping together into any configuration you need, allowing everyone from armature jammer to professional studio musician to put together their perfect kit.
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Reactable Live! S6, Upgrading the Incredible.

Something different this way comes with the release of a new version of the incredibly cool Reactable musical surface. Making music differently is the Reactables specialty, from the interface to the music process Reactable shifts it all to a touch screen that works with touch as well as tactile cubes and objects used to compose and control your tunes.

Developed originally by a team of researchers at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. The original concept was first explored in 2003, by 2005 the team had a working prototype that was demonstrated at the International Computer Music Conference in 2005. In 2009 Reactable the company was created to further the development and marketing of the system.

There are now three models of Reactable available to the musically inclined; the software only can now be run on a mobile device (iOS and Android), the fixed Reactable for permanent installation into hotels and museums and the Live! S6 version that is transportable between gigs. The Live! will set you back $7400 USD, making music can be an expensive hobby it turns out.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the live demonstrations of a musical instrument from the future, a device that would be at home in any sci-fi film. Sit back relax and turn the volume up, its time for a little doof doof with a difference.

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Adobe On Microsoft: The Future…

Adobe, the creators of artistic tools for professionals have this week released a video giving the world a glimpse into their vision of the not too distant future. Embracing all interfaces and interactions the video highlights different how this may all work together soon, all being used at once to produce content. Pouring paint out of your mobile phone onto your tablet canvas and letting loose with a bit of finger painting is just the beginning.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the amazing technological vision of the future by the people building the software that this future will be designed with. Sit back, relax and remember 3D glasses are not required for this experience.

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