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President Eisenhower’s Alien Lunch Dates

Timothy Good a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant has made some spectacular claims that have set the news wire a buzz. During his latest public appearance he not only claims that governments around the world have been in regular contact with aliens for many decades but also President Eisenhower had three meetings with our intergalactic brothers.

Appearing on Frank Skinner’s BBC2 current affairs show Opinionated, he said ‘Aliens have made both formal and informal contact with thousands of people throughout the world from all walks of life,’ he added.

Asked why the aliens don’t go to somebody ‘important’ like Barack Obama, he said: ‘Well, certainly I can tell you that in 1954, President Eisenhower had three encounters, set up meetings with aliens, which took place at certain Air Force bases including Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico. Adding that there were ‘many witnesses’.

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