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TR-3B Black Manta and Darkstar, Rise of the Triangle UFO…

Since the early 90’s UFO observers have been seeing a new shape in the sky to identify, the triangle. Since those early days the Phoenix Lights and numerous other major UFO events we have been seeing the rise of the triangle.

While everyone else is making traditional round flying saucers the triangles burst onto the scene to steal the headlines. In the last 6 months there has been explosive growth in the number of triangle sighting video’s to appear on the internet, making the triangle the most visible UFO design during 2012.

 The rise of the triangle UFO may be far more significant than it initially appears.  The TR-3B represents the first man-made aircraft that can manoeuvre in similar ways to a traditional UFO.  The first man-made aircraft that can take the fight to space, the weaponisation of space has begun.

Video’s included for your viewing pleasure included the most popular and incredible video’s of the flying triangles. While most of the videos capture the TR-3B in action the Phoenix Lights capture the Darkstar hovering over an entire city.

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