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ASUS Transformer Infinity, Full Hi-Def Tablet Glory….

ASUS, battling for the portable computing market continues to set the standard in Android tablets. Samsung, Acer and now even Google are all amongst ASUS’s top competitors, all fighting to get tablets into consumers hands.

The latest Transformer, the Infinity, will be ASUS’s top of the line model when it’s released on July 16 in the US. With it’s brilliantly clear and bright Super IPS+ display capable of 1920x 1200 resolution, the fastest Tegra 3 chipset yet and a brand new 8-megapixel camera, the Infinity is shooting to be the new King of Android tablets. The new weapon of choice for road-warriors around the world.

As with all Transformer models the Infinity can be purchased with its utilitarian docking keyboard. Converting the Infinity into a laptop with dimensions that would make an Ultrabook envious. On it’s own the Infinity is one of the sleekest Android tablets on the market, with the keyboard attached it becomes the most powerful Android notebook available.

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Ouya, the Open Source Android Game Console…

Sing along everyone, “Android, Android, Android, Android, android everywhere”. Android is slowly taking over the world, now it is preparing to invade our living rooms, taking its place on our big screen TV’s. The $99 USD Ouya Android based game console is the spearhead of this invasion.

While big screen gaming in the living room has been ruled by the big three consoles PlayStation, XBox and Wii, a new player has entered the scene. A new player that has bought a gun to a knife fight. Ouya have from the outset taken a different approach to console gaming, when compared the the established names, adopting an open source and mobile inspired approach.

Raising $4.5 million in 4 days Ouya is one of the fastest funded Kickstarter projects in history. With the majority of investors (29,000) pledging the $100’s required to secure a console. The huge amount of early interest and influx of cash has also allowed Ouya to increase the initial production run to 80,000, enough to make a decent impact on the market. Set for full release Q1 2013 Ouya is preparing to change the console world.

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ASUS Transformer Prime: Übertablet, Portable Gaming Powerhouse, Sweet Business Suite…

The ASUS Transformer Prime has already had to endure such superlatives as blazingly fast, super slim, functionally brilliant and sexy as hell, it would blush if only it weren’t true. Don’t be fooled by the name though The Transformer Prime is no child’s toy, it is in fact the must have tablet for Christmas, ASUS certainly hopes it will be anyway.

Earlier this month ASUS and NVIDIA officially announced the Prime along with it’s specifications. At the same time NVIDIA introduced to the world it’s brand new QUAD core chipset, Tegra 3. Only a few days after the announcement videos appeared of Google’s latest operating system – Android 4 Ice-Cream Sandwich – running happily on the Prime. Thankfully the wait for Prime won’t be long, GameStop yesterday let the cat out of the bag by listing the Prime for pre-order with the product release date of December 9. Get ready world, the Transformer Prime is about to take over Christmas.

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