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Mechanical Techno, Unconventional Audio.

Often times the musical instruments we use to produce music are every bit as artistic as the music being made. But when an art piece is a musical instrument and produces its own musical performance is it like an artistic double dip? Take for example London based artist and musician Graham Dunning and his Mechanical Techno video, a video that sees his techno producing machine as both performer and instrument.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the quirky cool video that demonstrates a whole new way to make use of that old turntable and vinyl records. Sit back relax and let the beats roll on.

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Techno Beat RGB LED Coffee Tables, the Next Generation…

Illuminating our lives with their high tech brightness LED’s have quickly taken over the world. DIY projects abound for this wonder technology, you can literally now find instructions to jam the low power lights into almost anything but there is one project that continues to fascinate, the LED coffee table. People have been devising cunning ways to integrate LED’s into coffee tables for many years but a new generation of illuminating furniture is bringing a whole new rockin set of features to our living rooms.

Using modern processing power, wireless networking, infrared transmitters and receivers the LED coffee table is now interactive, add mobile phone control and you have a thoroughly modern take on a piece of furniture that even cave men made use of. All of this adds up to coffee tables that can play the part of disco lights, are touch sensitive, play video games, yes even Tetris, and generally look cool while supporting your beverages.

Two of our favourite examples of the latest generation of LED coffee table are by RGB Styles and Julius Fischer. Jump to Julius’ webpage for instructions on how he built his modern masterpiece. Both video’s present examples of Highpants furniture set to a techno beat while generating massive amounts of nerd envy. Sit back relax and let the living room disco come to life. Remember to turn it up loud and don’t dare put that drink down without a coaster.

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