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Apocalypse Drone, Syrian Aerial Footage.

New independent media channel Russian Insider and RussiaWorks.ru have teamed up to release intense drone footage of the latest country to be laid to waste by war. Filmed during a recent Syrian Army offensive on rebel held positions in the suburbs of Damascus the footage captures the overwhelming destruction in its rawest form, an apocalypse in motion.

The aerial footage was recorder during fierce clashes between the Russian backed Syrian Army and the American backed Islamic State soldiers. As buildings are pounded into dust, and dust is pounded into even finer dust it becomes no clearer why this is necessary.

If there is any question of whether and how an entire civilization can disappear here is the evidence happening before our very eyes.

Reference: RussiaWorks.ru
Reference: RussianInsider

WTF Was That? Are Tactical Nukes Being Used in the Middle East and Ukraine?

With wars raging in many parts of the world large explosions are bound to be seen from time to time but there have been a number of explosions recently that have had many people wondering WTF was that? Explosions so large that you they could well be tactical nuclear weapons.

May 2015, Yemeni capitol Sana’a experiences an explosion that shatters windows for miles around and throws up a burning mushroom cloud. The explosion was quickly passed off by many as a direct hit on a weapons cache but this was disputed by the locals. Full article here.

The far more likely explanation for the Yemeni incident is that a bunker buster tactical nuke was used as there is an initial explosion when the missile hits that’s designed to penetrate the ground. Then a secondary explosion that creates the mushroom cloud and destroys whatever is under the ground. Not only does it mushroom but a flash of proton bombardment can be seen after the blast. Also in the first video you’ll notice lots of white specs in the footage, this is not debris it is the radiation (Neutrons) from the blast hitting the CCD of the camera. The same effects can be seen in footage from Fukushima and the American nuclear tests during the 50’s.

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The B-1B Refuelling Over Syria in the Fight Against ISIS…

The air campaign against ISIS is now well under way and observant people may have noticed an unusual silhouette high in the sky blue background of many photos of the conflict. The long slender outline with wings tucked back is the B-1B Lancer in action. Confirming these observations are videos released by the US Military in the last week, day and night videos that feature the awesome B-1B refuelling over Syria and Iraq.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the latest videos of the B-1B refuelling as well as the results of these missions. Night time and day time vision of the big bird doing the dance with a tanker along with the aftermath of the missions. Sit back, relax and be glad that when you look up there are no B-1B’s.

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