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Norway’s Hessdalen Lights. Project Hessdalen The Scientific UFO Study

In this world of advancing science and technology there are still many mysteries humanity has yet to decipher. The most controversial mysteries are solved in just the same way as any new discovery, the scientific study.

While UFO’s may be one of the most controversial mysteries that we are attempting to understand there is one UFO hotspot that has been studied for 30 years, The Hessdalen Lights.

The Hessdalen Valley is an isolated valley in central Norway that has a long history of strange lights being witnessed traveling through the valley. The valley itself is 18 km long and sparsely populated. Upon entering the  Valley you get the impression that it is normally a quiet place, an uneventful picturesque post-card valley.

Locals have often reported seeing strange lights in the sky but very little attention had been paid to these sporadic reports. That was until 1981 when the Hessdalen Lights put on a most remarkable show for all those willing to watch. During this period reported sightings peaked at 30 reported sightings a week, 4 or 5 a day often. By 1983 the number of reports had dropped off, almost to zero., until the end of 1983 when they returned. Project Hessdalen in 1984 took the opportunity to gather information about the lights during this second spike in activity. the start of serious scientific examination of the phenomenon after the original UFO flap that established Hessdalen as one of the pre-eminent UFO hot spots.

Regular appearances of the Hessdalen lights is only one aspect that makes Hessdalen special, the sightings also seem to cover the full gamut of UFO types as well. All of the well-known UFO shapes have been observed in the Hessdalen Valley, all exhibiting unusual unnatural behavior.

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