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SDO Spots Dark Star UFO Parked Next To The Sun!!!

The online world is abuzz with talk of the most important and incredible UFO video released for many years.  During March 11 2012, for 80 hours, SDO recorded a dark planet sized sphere locked in place near the Sun’s surface. While many wild theories are already doing the rounds scientists have no explanation for what this object could possibly be.

Seeming to defy the laws of nature the dark sphere appears to be a void of immense size that is stationary and locked in place. The video is highly unusual, even for Paranoid Android, with a planet sized void sitting just off the Sun’s surface.

SDO, SOHO and the other solar observing satellites have already recorded some unusual objects in impossible places. During 2011 recordings showed a more triangular shaped craft. February saw SOHO and STEREO recorded unusual objects within the Suns corona. See ‘Solar Star Cruisers for the previous videos.

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