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The Nikon D300. Outed at the St Kilda Festival…

and why I can never use my much loved compact camera again, damn . . ..

When an opportunity to test a camera like the D300 comes along you have to take it. When you have that chance and it happens to fall on the day of the St Kilda Festival well the odds are off the charts. All of the photo’s in this article were taken during an afternoon at the St Kilda Festival..

The D300 today was provided by CrashPICS with a Sigma 70-200 zoom lens fitted, extra battery fitted allowing faster burst modes and a 16GB memory card. The body of the D300 is heavy duty and feels really solid with its Magnesium alloy weather-sealed shell. The optional MB-D10 battery pack, big lens and the full kit loaded the camera does become a little heavy, but it’s all worth it. The camera body alone is 825grams, loaded up your close to 2kg of technology.

The D-300, 12.3-mega pixel – with a monster 23.6 x 15.8mm CCD chip – was officially replace by the D-300S in December 2009, this does also mean the D-300 can be found cheap second hand at the moment. Bargains can be found for as little a $1200 Au$. This won’t last as the numbers sold initially aren’t ever as high as cheaper cameras. The camera was set to max resolution 4288 x 2848, producing jpeg files of around 8meg a shot.

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